The Promise of Halal Franchising
Brands Advocating Socio-Cultural Understanding.
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One Halal Global

We are a duly registered enterprise that renders consultancy and business development services to existing and prospecting entities in the industry of Halal.

Advocating the integration, promotion and access to certified Halal products in the local and international market through compliance of existing Halal trade standards, effective product branding and global trading.

With experience and expertise working hand in hand, our clients are assured of competent and reliable Halal services to help achieve their business goals.

Our Services

Halal Business Development

A custom-designed service that pursues strategic opportunities for a particular business or organization which includes cultivating partnerships, identifying and tapping new markets, diversifying offered products or services, branding and market visibility.

Halal Franchising Consultancy

A Halal business activity focusing on product or service viability research, business expansion and distribution strategy based on geo-economic factors and current market analysis.


To be one of the leading organizations engaged in the Halal business industry and be instrumental in promoting the socio-economic growth of the Muslim communities

Establish production/manufacturing business entities engaged in the Halal-industry focusing on the basic necessities

Lead and participate in the conducting Halal-business exposition, seminars and training events


Collaborate with private individuals, the government and non-government organizations in promoting the Halal way of life

Provide better economic opportunities to Muslims through business partnership, management and consultancy

Strengthen the socio-economic relationship among Halal-producers and patrons by introducing more Halal-certified products in the market and generate consumer awareness

Impact the lives of the Muslim community by empowering and generating business consciousness

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Halal Brands for Global Franchising

Trail Blazer, Pioneer

Bart, as he is often referred to by his peers, established a career of milestones. His commitment to improve the social, cultural and even economic condition of the underprivileged led him to create humble franchising ventures that provided opportunities enabling them to live a better life.

His mass media exploits are also marked with many firsts: founding on of the first internet TV (Channel Juan TV), the first radio show that tackles Halal concerns (Usapang Halal) and being one of the pioneer local business vloggers.

Truly, Bart’s initiatives thru One Halal Association of the Philippines, Inc. and One Halal Global Company Ltd. are opening more doors not only for the Muslim community but also to prospecting and existing firms wanting to do business The Halal Way.

Ismail P. Abaya

CEO, Founder

Our Strategic Partners