The Promise of Halal Franchising

The current global business climate has become competitive yet promising. The advent of technology, availability of logistical services and changing business behavior all are positive indicators for new players. Recent trends though have shown budding corporations aggresively making a mark in the business world. Noteworthy is the business strategy that these businesses are using – Franchising.

Franchising is a marketing concept that most corporations adopt in order to expand their operations without much financial exposure.

It is also a fact that Halal industry is gaining ground in most parts of the globe. The large number of Muslim professionals and entrepreneurs, growing cultural acceptance and the easing up of trade relations between countries has paved way for Halal products to be introduced in the international trade scene.

These three aspects – the most effecient business strategy (franchising), dominant and steady market (Muslim community) and small number of quality Halal shops – provides sufficient reason why Halal franchising will become successful.

To make it happen, One Halal Global have forwarded franchise options to interested investors, Muslim and non-Muslim, alike from micro to large, traditional to digitized (online), commercial to organic.

With the successful launching of their flagship project (i.e. One Halal Convenience Store), new franchise brands have been introduced.

Ali Roasters, for example, is an all-Halal food kiosk that mainly serves and delivers roasted chicken that can be franchised with a minimal fee.

Looking into the future, One Halal Global has collaborated with Asian Franchising Academy in ensuring that their brands will be known internationally. With on-going business campaigns in Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa… the company stays committed to their name, that is to Go Global.

More than business, One Halal Global believes that these establishments will be the place where better socio-cultural understanding will prosper because it offers more than the commodities but the guarantee, love and dedication that is Halal.

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